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IPP Release 5.1

December 9, 2017

IPP Release 5.1 has been implemented in production! In this release the Create Invoice and Create Credit Memo buttons have been removed from the Open Orders page. This change eliminates extra steps by requiring the user to open a purchase order to create an invoice. To learn more, please read the Release Notes available on the Welcome page of the Collector module.

Over 133,000 Vendors Now Enrolled in IPP

October 2018

Do you do business with the federal government? Over 133,000 vendors are now registered to use IPP to submit and track invoices. IPP gives vendors one system to transact with multiple federal agencies and provides greater visibility into the status of invoices and payments. By utilizing IPP, vendors are better able to manage their receivables.

Electronic Invoicing: Why It Matters (Part 2)

Is electronic invoicing at the tipping point?
April 2015

Mr. John Hill, Assistant Commissioner for Payments and Chief Disbursing Officer at the U.S. Treasury's Bureau of the Fiscal Service, discusses a historical parallel, international adoption of electronic invoicing, benefits to business, and the potential for federal savings with the Invoice Processing Platform (IPP). Click here to read Part 2 in the Electronic Invoicing: Why It Matters series.

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