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Vendor Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

As of August 28, 2023, Multifactor Authentication (MFA) is required to login to IPP. Multi-factor authentication strengthens account security by requiring two factors to confirm user identity. To support MFA for non-PIV/CAC users, e.g., vendors, IPP is partnering with third-party credential service providers (CSPs) such as or All vendor users are required to verify their identity through a CSP before accessing IPP.

MFA Vendor Troubleshooting Tips

Vendor MFA Quick Reference Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are and, a certified commercial identity provider, provides secure identity verification services. Treasury partners with to make sure you are you – and not someone pretending to be you – when you request access to Treasury programs like IPP., a trusted, government-issued sign-in service, offers secure and private online access to U.S. government programs, 
such as federal benefits, services, and applications. With a account, you can sign into multiple government websites with the same email address and password.


2. Why is the Invoice Processing Platform (IPP) using and and uses two-factor authentication, and stronger passwords, that meet new National Institute of Standards of Technology (NIST) requirements for secure identity validation and verification. By using a CSP such as or, you will get an extra layer of security to help protect your IPP account against password compromises.

3. What do I need to create an or account?

You will need the email address associated with your IPP account. You will also need to provide a valid mobile phone number or a landline without an extension.  

4. What email address do I use to create an or account?

Use your IPP account email address, so we can automatically link your IPP account to your or account. If you use a different email address, we will not be able to link your account.

This process only works if the or email address in the sign-in process is the same as your IPP account email address. 

5. Will I be able to use a group email address?

To access IPP, each individual user must have their own account. Group email addresses should not be used because account access is provided based on verification of your email address.

When creating an or account, you will be required to confirm your email address. Confirming your email address certifies that you are the owner of the email address you provided. You will also be asked to set up multi-factor authentication to secure your account. After you set up MFA for your account, to sign in, you will enter your email address and password, and confirm your sign-in using the MFA method you choose. This will require you to have access to a smartphone, landline without extension, or a tablet.

6. What if I already have an or account?

You may use an existing account easily as long it is the same email address as your IPP account. Otherwise, if it is not the same (e.g., personal email versus work email) you will need to sign into your or account and add your IPP account email address.

For, the primary email address in your existing account must match the email address in your IPP account. Please follow the instructions in “Changing your primary email address” to update the primary email address in your account.

For, add a secondary email address following the instructions in part 1 of "Changing or adding (part 1 only) a email." Once your email address is verified, you can then sign into your account using that new email and your existing password. 

7. I have an existing or with my personal email address. Can I use the existing account, or should I register for a new one with my work email address, since I submit invoices on behalf of my company?

You may use an existing account easily as long it is the same email address as your IPP account. Otherwise, if it is not the same (e.g., personal email versus work email) you will need to sign into your or account and add your IPP account email address. Please refer to “What if I already have an or account?” to update your email address in your or account. If you prefer, you can create a new or account with your IPP account email address. 

8. Can I use a different email address from my IPP account email address, when setting up my or account?

When you first create your or account, you must use the same email address you currently use for signing in to IPP. This will then automatically link your IPP account information to your new or account.

9. Can I share an or account and profile with another person within my organization?

No, you cannot share an or account and profile with another person or use a group email address to create a new account. Each user must create an or account and go through an identity verification process to get access to IPP.