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How to enroll in IPP

Vendors that are required to submit an invoice through IPP do not need to contact IPP to enroll. Enrollment will be initiated by the agency with which they are doing business. Once an agency has enrolled a vendor, the initial vendor administrator user will receive an email from IPP asking them to either use an existing or account or create a new one to log in to IPP. 

What happens next?

After the initial vendor administrator user receives the IPP email, they can access the IPP collector module by clicking the link in the email. This will direct users to the IPP Credential Service Provider (CSP) selection page, where they can choose between and

They must then select either or If they do not have an existing account with the selected CSP, they can follow the instructions for or in the IPP Vendor MFA Quick Reference Guide to create an account. Please make sure to set-up multi-factor authentication options in your CSP account.

After setting up their or account, the initial vendor administrator user can use the selected CSP credentials to login to IPP and accept the IPP Rules of Behavior.

As a vendor who provides goods or services to a government agency, once logged in the initial vendor administrator user will have access to IPP's Collector module which will allow them to set up additional users, view purchase orders, submit invoices, access payment information.

Please note that only one Administrator can be initially enrolled in your IPP vendor profile. The Administrator can then add additional users as necessary.

All government vendors must register and continue to maintain their account data in the System for Award Management (SAM) registry and activate it annually. Please visit for more information.

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