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About IPP

Simplify. Automate. Accelerate.

About IPP

IPP is a web-based system that provides one integrated, secure system to simplify the management of vendor invoices. It is offered at no charge to federal agencies and their vendors.


IPP helps federal agencies avoid Prompt Payment penalties by supporting more efficient invoice processing while automating invoice collection, validation and approval workflows. Vendors manage their receivables more easily using one system to transact with multiple agencies.

  • Saves federal agencies and vendors time and money by automating formerly paper-based processes, and it is offered at no charge.
  • Provides one integrated, secure platform located outside of agencies’ core financial systems.
  • Improves financial management by promoting standard processes to manage government invoices with increased controls.
  • Configurable to support agencies’ business rules and is compatible with existing business systems.
  • Supported by the U.S Department of the Treasury, which oversees all upgrades and enhancements.

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IPP offers four modules federal agencies can adopt together, alone or in phases to achieve more efficient invoice processing.

  • Electronic Purchase Orders. Agencies upload POs to IPP from their business systems, notify vendors when they post a new PO and give vendors online access to POs, which results in greater visibility into all transaction data and documents associated with a PO.
  • Electronic Invoices. IPP gives vendors multiple ways to submit invoices, such as by pre-populating invoices with data from POs within the system, creating invoices online without a PO or using electronic file submission.
  • Automated Workflow. IPP automates and supports a sophisticated invoice approval process by offering multiple approval steps and options to delegate, reassign or escalate an invoice if it is not processed promptly.
  • Payment Notification Service. Vendors can go online to check payment status, or choose to receive e-mails with a simple notification of payment or detailed remittance information. This service reduces payment status inquiries and enables vendors to more easily manage their receivables and match payments to specific invoices.

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