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Features- Invoice Processing Platform


IPP is a secure online platform outside federal agencies’ core financial systems that centralizes all invoice transaction data and documents in one place. IPP more efficiently manages government invoicing from purchase order (PO) through payment notification.

Key Features for Federal Agencies

IPP offers several key features to help federal agencies improve their procurement process.

  • IPP provides a secure platform for federal agencies and vendors to efficiently manage invoices outside agencies’ core financial systems.
  • IPP is configurable to support existing agency business rules.
  • IPP provides federal agencies one integrated system with built-in best practices and greater controls to manage commercial supplier invoicing transactions more efficiently.
  • IPP interfaces with all major financial systems, including Oracle, SAP and Momentum, via bulk file exchange.
  • IPP automates and supports a sophisticated invoice approval process by offering multiple approval steps and options to delegate, reassign or escalate an invoice within a federal agency if it is not processed promptly.

Key Features for Vendors

IPP enables vendors to more efficiently manage their receivables.

  • IPP provides vendors greater visibility into all transaction data and documents associated with a PO.
  • IPP gives vendors multiple ways to submit invoices, such as by pre-populating invoices with data from POs within the system, creating invoices online without a PO or using electronic file submission.
  • IPP enables vendors to check payment status, or choose to receive e-mails with a simple notification of payment or detailed remittance information. This service reduces payment status inquiries and enables vendors to more easily manage their receivables and match payments to specific invoices.
  • IPP enables quick answers to payment-related questions through a self-service feature.
  • IPP provides invoice management tools, including an invoice aging summary, an overdue invoices list, and a payments collection forecast.